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I'm behind in everything-- posting, fic-writing, reading. Big Bang season is the worst, because I so rarely have the time to read anything of Big Bang length, and it just makes me feel guiltier. :(

I might have finished a random fic last night, in which case I'll post it up today. Have to revisit it when I'm more awake, and come up with a title (so hard these days) and summary and whatnot. Still struggling with one of my Flood Auction fics that I started about 3 weeks ago. You know how some scenes/setups want to be written, but only to a certain point? I knew that going in with this one, and yet I still gave in to the temptation. Now, it mocks me. *kicks it*

HalfshellHusband and I had some alone time last week, while the kids were visiting their aunt. \o/ We set aside Saturday to go antiquing in Sutter Creek, only to discover that Highway 49 has seriously changed since we last did that, and doesn't actually GO to Sutter Creek anymore. About 8 miles beyond Jackson, we were forced to turn around, and stopped in Jackson to use the bathroom and find some lunch. So instead of visiting Jackson on the way back, we spent the entire afternoon there. We didn't buy much, but the town has a great cooking store, a store with old-fashioned candy and model-train build-it stuff (because those totally go together), and many antique shops. One place had a stuffed toy octopus made with red 49er Football fabric. IDEK. \o?

We also watched more Luther, saw The Machinist (seriously good, but needed a better title), and got ourselves (and later, the kids) hooked on Community. And got very little of anything done, which is how it always goes unless I'm home by myself (which never happens anymore).

The weekend before, I went to a plant nursery to buy some replacements: a lavatera bush, and some rose trees. Did you know that rose tree hybrids are grafted onto other rose stock? We discovered this after trying to regrow a second rose tree that had died back to the ground. When the first finally flowered, I wondered why it was a "flower-once" plant (and couldn't remember what the original looked like). With the second... crap. It was the same scrubby rose as the other one!

Here's where the irony begins: I went to the nursery for those replacements (Lauren bailed out of my errand run just before then, because the nursery would be "boring"). The plants I wanted were the only ones I couldn't find. And? The nursery has a "store cat", who likes to ride in shopping carts and went for a stroll with me. How's that for boring? Hah! ;)

All right, back to work and poking that ficlet along...

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