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Thank G*d that's done...

I finished painting all the detail work in Lauren's room on Saturday, and after 4 weekends of home projects I'm ready for a break. I'm also ready for Spring/Summer—our local paper had an article on Global Weirding which summarized our plight as, "Our weather keeps coming from Alaska, and it shouldn't." We're supposed to creep into the low 80s this week, about 2 months overdue. *hopes*

I got voted out at tvnetwork1_las last week, along with 5 other people (a highly unfortunate voting situation). The feedback for why I got a "worst story" vote, though? The person felt that anything mirroring canon was not a "real story." That's happened once before, and that's such an issue of personal taste that it's hard to consider that valid feedback. About 25-30% of what I write probably falls into that category! It still surprises me, though—THAT was worse than the two-paragraph story with the unparsable opening paragraph? Or the one with painfully forced exposition in the dialogue? Or the stories that referred to the male characters as "the redhead" and "the brunette"? Or the Castle fic where Becket is woefully out of character (again)? Huh.

Well, back to the drawing board. Or should I say, "keyboard," and couple it with the vain hope that I can write myself out of the corners both my White Collar fic drafts have backed me into. What is that all about? It's like an accidental, unwelcome hobby. :0

We finished watching Dexter, S4 over the weekend (*cries over the finale*). We mainlined four S4 Chuck episodes, but aren't done yet (8-10 more to go!) We watched Cloudy, With A Chance Of Meatballs with the kids on Saturday (MUCH better than I could have imagined—yay for weirdness!), and then Steve Martin's Roxanne on Sunday. Roxanne had some uncomfortably racy parts, but we all survived. I hadn't seen it in about 12-15 years, but I told Christopher that certain parts stick with you (and not always the ones you might expect):
  • All Things Dead

  • "Err more sessions by sleeving"

  • Steve Martin's impression of a suction-cup-handed alien

  • Steve Martin's made-up song at the beginning, which includes the lyrics, "Now I'm having... a small heart attack."

  • I'd completely forgotten that Fred Willard was in that movie, and I didn't even know who Damon Wayans was when it first came out. However, the "All Things Dead" guy's face is very clear in my memory, and I think of him every time I go into a shopping mall and run across an "All Things Remembered" store. ;)

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