The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Well, it's winter today... again?

The above is a modified quote from the movie Groundhog Day, and it's true here on a weekly basis. Gah!

Finished my voting for tvnetwork1_las. I'm still peeved that my story for the last round received a "worst" vote. Please- there were several bad stories for that round (and this one), and mine didn't begin to compare. Not that my ambition has been to fly under the radar, though that's how it's gone so far. :(

Here's an interesting debate. A man in Antelope Valley (SoCal) has built an amazing architectural art structure he calls Phonehenge West, and he's coming under belated fire from building code lawyers. Some of his neighbors also complain that his creation is an eyesore, though I think it's really striking. Here's a link to the article, and some pictures (check out #3 and #9!). What do you think? Right now, I'm tending toward the "Plant trees to hide the view, if you don't like looking at it" position.

Home painting update: Nerp. No callback yesterday from the contractor, so the power's still off in Lauren's room. I haven't even finished the first of the two detail coats at the ceiling and baseboards! *cries*

Now for some humor. It's perfect-o!

Funny Pictures - Emo Alpaca

Tags: humor, me, random

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