The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Well, that was fast...

So much for the 3-day weekend! We spent most of it prepping & painting Lauren's room, with delays for 1) Lauren being home sick IN her room on Friday, when we'd hoped to prep early, 2) Me waking up at 11:30 on Saturday (gah!), and 3) Going to a friend's for BBQ on Monday. I intended to do more detail-work painting after the BBQ last night, but HalfshellHusband's earlier attempts to change over the outlets from off-white to white apparently shorted out the power to both kids' rooms (stupid old-school daisy-chained wiring). So, guess what I'm doing after work tonight? :(

I still can't read LJ from my main PC on weekends, so I'm always absentee and catching up late. I did very little writing this weekend, and I still have to get my tvnetwork1_las voting done. Let's hope my entry for this round does better than the last one, which no one outside of the voting comm seems to have even read. :(

I DID finish Going Bovine last week (loved it) and The House Of Tomorrow (fun!), and have started Swamplandia!. This last book is about a Florida girl whose family runs the Swamplandia! gator-wrestling show on their island (always with the exclamation point). I love the weird humor. For instance, the grandfather thought that all the alligators should have the same name... but since there are multiple gators, the narrator always refers to them as the Seths (as if that were the name of their species). Half the reason I checked this book out was the title/summary, and the other was the title of the author's previous book: St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves. Who could resist?

I also finished watching the final season of Six Feet Under, thanks to the continued winter weather that keeps me biking in the garage off and on. More on the series later. Oh, Fishers—how I'll miss you!

ETA: Dreamwidth invite codes, I haz them. PM me if you want one!

Tags: books, kids' books, me, tv

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