The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Zombie Dreams and Other Things

Sunday night's dream: Zombies on a Spaceship. Really.

Some dreams have obvious meanings, like the recurring one where I'm a kid and my Dad's moving us again, and I'm worried there won't be a room for me at the new house.

But others are Random Frappe. In that zombie dream (again, spaceship), we had to hunt in groups of threes or our weapons wouldn't work. I got matched with two coworkers, one a higher-up manager and the other a peer-turned-manager. We went out in the jeep and hunted and patroled, but at one point the higher-up guy bailed out for a pickup soccer game (he was tired of being trapped in lockdown) and the other one wouldn't get back in the car when the zombies started to swarm, so I had to abandon him. What.The.Hell?

Maybe it was the result of spending the weekend removing wallpaper in Lauren's room. Which was a lot of work. Word to the wise: do not use "special glue" for your border, and do not exacto-knife the wall. The glue on the wallpaper already works fine! And your edges under the border don't have to be perfect, because no one can see them. *koff* Yeah—now I have some de-gluing and spackling to do before we paint. :(

We watched The Expendables this weekend, which turned out to be the wrong "Aging-action-hero movie featuring Bruce Willis." Bruce only had a cameo in this one, which wasn't worth it. I actually fast-forwarded through some extended action scenes near the end, hoping to find the plot again. :(

Missed the Glee finale because I thought it wasn't on (AI ran long). The House finale was o_O, and a waste of Shoreh Aghdashloo. I'm still behind on SPN, and my Torrent app is "cranky," so it'll be weeks at minimum before I see that. But Dexter is cooking along via Netflix—we're in Season 4 already, and headed for imminent withdrawal. \o?

Weatherwise, it's winter again today, but at least we don't have tornadoes. Poor Joplin! It's the places that aren't in the Tornado Belt that are really getting it this year. :(

Tags: me, movies, random, tv, weird dreams fall out of my head

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