The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Ear bleed...

I'd hoped to bike to the office yesterday (I know, insanity), but Christopher had a random band concert last night, so I went to that. God, WHY do I keep forgetting astrothsknot's tip about bringing my iPod? *groan* And let me just say: tune your instrument before every practice and performance. It's freakin' basic. Gah!

The May Is Bicycle Month riding is going like it usually does, i.e., made unpredictable by spring windstorms and rain. Every freakin' year. :(

My Wallpaper Removal Kit Of Ultimate Awesomeness arrived yesterday, so on Saturday I'll see if it really is. I'll start with the part of the kitchen that the bunny has destroyed, because it's small. If it goes badly, I'll pay someone to do the kids' rooms, but for $64 with shipping, it's worth giving this product a try.

We've watched the first two episodes of Game Of Thrones, and will try a few more. I like the story, but the gore, racism, and T&A really bugs me. I've heard that the books for the series have the sexism and racism in them already. But must the women also be gratuitously naked in the TV show, and must the "savage, barbarian people" always be dark-skinned? Or back to the T&A thing, why is it that the people who make movies/TV seem to so often feel that you must insult one major group of viewers (usually women) in order to attract the other main group (usually men)?

Even the presence of Jason Momoa does not appease me. Though I trotted HalfshellHusband over to the guy's page, and he kind of plotzed (in a "Naveen Andrews is beautiful!" way). The B&W photo of Momoa in his profile right now is one of the best I've ever seen of him. I mean, look at it. Damn!

On rantless TV note, I seem to have spaced-out the existence of Breaking In for the last couple of weeks. I sure hope that sucker's on Hulu...

Tags: cycling, me, tv

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