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Mommy, Mumbly, Mania

For those of you who missed the announcement on frostian's new baby, it's here. \o/

I had a nice Mother's Day on Sunday. Lauren made me a fabulous omelette and Christopher prepared strawberries for breakfast. I talked Lauren out of cinnamon rolls (and later, going out to lunch. Getting older and rounder is no fun). We went miniature golfing, which I always imagine will go better than it does. Christopher (usually, but sometimes Lauren) eventually enters an endless-putting disaster, and then things get ugly. Heck, that happens to me too, but I don't self-combust over it. So... started great, ended poorly, ran later than I expected and then I was out of time to plant the rest of the flowers I bought on Saturday. o_O

My own mother was on a cruise and thus, unavailable (my Dad always makes sure they're home for Father's Day, but Mother's Day? Eh. This bugs me). My youngest sister also tells me my Dad has hinted that he'd like the kids to throw him an 85th birthday party, like the 80th that we did. Too late for my Mom's 85th. Boy, that was unwelcome news—I thought I was finally ready to sew up our summer vacation plans until that came up. I guess I could fly up alone, if needed, because I don't want to do our Oregon family vacation in June. But mainly? If my Dad wants a party, he should just say so. And? He and my mother have far more time to plan that kind of thing than any of their kids (3 of whom live out of state, for pete's sake).

Weekend entertainment: our family movie was 9, which was a little sad and strange. Less Tim Burton and more steampunk, but not as much of either as I'd like. HalfshellHusband and I also watched Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, which he didn't remember from the last time we saw it. That movie cracks me up. Robert Downey Jr. stars as Harry Lockhart, a thief who (literally) stumbles into an audition while trying to hide from the police, and winds up getting cast in a Hollywood movie. Val Kilmer is Gay Perry, a private detective who's supposed to show him some P.I. reality as prep for the role. When you combine Harry's rambling, self-deprecating personality and narrative with Gay Perry's fairly... humorless... personality, the story writes itself. Downey really does great detail work on the narration, and I love that Kilmer's Gay Perry is no kind of stereotype at all (so rare). But it's worth it just for Parry's line that begins, "Why in pluperfect Hell—"

And if you want to read some fun fics with those characters, well, check these out! All are PG-13 for language and sexual innuendo, because neither Harry nor Perry can help himself that way:

The Simple Art Of Grave Robbing (Xover with SPN) by eighth_horizon - Harry and Parry unwittingly come across the Winchesters during a standard salt-and-burn. Things look much worse than they actually are in this hilarious tale of snark and epic confusion.

Brains Are A Nuisance (Xover with SPN) by eighth_horizon - Sequel to the above. "I’m not boosting a brain in a jar for these guys…"

He Was Singing (PG-13) by tayberhecate - Gen hurt/comfort movie coda, featuring Perry's stubborn denial about the aftermath of getting shot and Harry's typically unexpected ways of making him feel better.

The Breadwinner by tayberhecate - Fantastic Harry POV, contrasting the uncertainties of his life before Perry and the realization that old habits linger long after they're needed.

Okay, now that I've taken up too much work time rereading those... gotta go!

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