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I was up late last night, trying to finish a story for tvnetwork1_las after ratholing down episode recaps of the show in question over at Television Without Pity. I got the draft ending finished, went to LJ to check up on submitting details (in case LJ died again today) and discovered... that the story is due next Wednesday. FAIL.

Randomly, I was talking with HalfshellHusband about multiple-level humor this weekend, which we both enjoy. The Simpsons often falls into that category, and there was a classic example of it in one of the Zero Man episodes I watched. Zero Man is looking for a successor "just in case", and he repeatedly overlooks his flamboyant and muscular assistant, Ty. When Ty pushes him on it, Zero Man responds with some vague rambling blather (as he generally does), which results in this:

Ty: You're a homophobe!
Zero Man: That's ridiculous. I don't even own a home!

On the surface, there's the dimwitted confusion as to what 'homophobe' means. But beneath that, if that word actually meant what Zero Man thought it did, well... not owning a home would tend to prove Ty's point! :D

Speaking of humor, I'm halfway through Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion (and Christopher finished it last weekend). It's a fabricated chronicling of the rise and fall of the world's greatest zombie band, with lots of pseudo-historical interviews. I don't really know what category to put this kind of book in. Satirical parody? It's the kind of humor that definitely works for me. What's more surprising is how well it also works for Christopher, who is only 11. Based on this book, The True Meaning Of Smekday, and a few other things we've read, I'd say he likes this genre better than my husband does. :0

On the topic of TV, anyone know what's happening with V? Or did I just not recognize the season finale as such, a few months back?

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