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Random Updates & Stuff

My back is definitely better, after a week of a nightly muscle relaxant and continued Advil/stretching. What a relief!

I strained it a little on Thursday's bike ride, though. Fixing a flat tire along a busy road with a narrow shoulder means a lot of standing and bending over (longer for What caused this flat? and, after putting in the new tube, Why the hell can't I ever get this tire back over the rim without pinching the tube? And breaking a tire iron...). I really struggled to straighten up afterwards—that was 20+ minutes of back torture. Half a mile later, I stopped to tweak my tire (which wasn't all the way in the rim), and then again 3 miles later to fix it again (f-ing pinch-flat!). I hate these tires!


We watched Rumble In The Bronx as our Saturday family movie (Lauren was gone). A little more swearing and roughness than I remembered (eek!), but Christopher is now a Jackie Chan fan. I don't really like martial arts stuff, but what Chan does with local "terrain" and "found" objects in his choreographed fight scenes is pure genius. I'll forgive the lesser acting, just for those highlights.

It was much more enjoyable than Tangled, which we watched on Sunday. Apart from "Mama Knows Best" and the big Viking-tavern production number, the music was awful. Some of the retelling of Rapunzel was very creative, but both leads sounded like SoCal teenagers, which was jarring. My favorite characters were the world's most indignant guard-horse, Maximus, and (of course) the chameleon sidekick, Pascal.

On other viewing fronts, I'm tempted to try out Game Of Thrones via Torrent. Also, does anyone have a link to a download of Burn Notice: The Fall Of Sam Axe? The only Torrent version I've found of it is one which uTorrent thinks is an invalid file. Oh, Sam—why are you so overlooked?

Okay, back to work. And trying to finish up some writing (deadlines!) here and there.

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