The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

I can't believe I'm doing this...

Here's a piece of furniture I never expected to be buying.

What drove me to it? Our cat, Tigger, is 15 and the sofa is too high for her now. With our new sofa (even higher than the old one!), I don't want her using her claws to get up there. We have a zoo-decorated footstool in the living room right now (classy!), but I need something long term. Though at the moment, she's afraid of the zoo footstool and spends her time trying to jump over it, or hiding in the back bathroom. *sigh*

I phoned the doctor for muscle-relaxants for my back, yesterday. Let's hope they help. I think the problem actually started with the new sofa, and Disneyland just worsened it. Ulp. Maybe I need a footstool too. :0

Last week's Glee highlights for me were Gwyneth's song (yay) and Mercedes singing the house down with Aretha (ZOMG fabulous!) This week, it was Finn's song (a great Rat Pack performance), and the various t-shirts. Oh, Brittany—never change! A question, though—do people in other parts of the U.S. use "Ginger" to describe redheads? Because I thought that was mainly a British thing. I speak as one who was tagged "Karen the Red Baron" by an evil kid in grade school (who also had red hair, so whatever).

Last night's dreams were several anxieties run together: finishing missing high school coursework (yes, after the Master's degree), forgetting a bunch of advanced math and then the final for the math class, etc. But the night before was better—sexing up Tom Welling, and a piece of memory flotsam involving a character actor named Gaillard Sartain. A coworker from years ago knew Sartain, and said that at one point he tried to re-brand himself as G. Aillaird S. Artain. Apparently, he finally realized that character actors mainly need to be found for work, not 'more exciting.' Can't remember what Sartain looks like offhand, though—I'm getting an image of Barry Corbin in my head instead. o_O

Tags: me, my_cats, tv, weird dreams fall out of my head

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