The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Speaking of poetry...

I had a discussion with Christopher about Poetry Month, and wound up describing to him the scene in Steve Martin's movie, L.A. Story, where the main character tries to woo back his former girlfriend by reciting a godawful poem at her:

Oh pointy birds,
Oh pointy, pointy,
Annoint me, birds—

At that point, the woman slams the door in the guy's face, which seems the appropriate response. The opening was bad enough, but that last line was headed nowhere good...

I read a really good Sports Illustrated article at the gym the other day, The Boy Who Died Of Football. It was heartbreaking and frustrating, and detailed a mindset that is all-too-common in football (much moreso than for other sports). The coach in question still says he wouldn't have changed anything he did, even though the distress and eventual collapse of that 15-year-old boy happened on his watch and he was utterly blind to it. I don't know that we can lay criminal blame on the coach, but it's easy to see how his methods led to that happening. Grrrr.

On a lighter football note, that same issue of SI also explained how the Oregon Ducks' play-card system works (sample weirdness here at about 1:09 in). I've been wondering that for ages, because when you look at those things, they're all remniscent of the TV commercial that featured Lincoln, a beaver, and a deep-sea diver gathered together in a kitchen. Yeah. \o?

Still planning Disneyland things. I've passed on buying an antenna ball from there in the past, but realized this week that if there's one with a Little Green Man from Toy Story, well, THAT is something I must HAVE. I'll look around in the store next to the Buzz Lightyear ride while we're there.

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