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God, the LJ outage thing is really pissing me off. I've missed my wordcount updates 2 weeks in a row, and had to post the Thursday crack_impala edition late. Plus, nobody can read fic, comment on fic, or reply to comments (depending how far you've made it through the process). We've had almost two weeks of this now!

I finished off the taxes this weekend (final review—they were actually done 2 weeks ago), so that's one headache gone. Next week we'll be at Disneyland, so I'm crossing my fingers against rain. *hopes*

I cleaned up about half of the garden this weekend (not the yard—just the garden area). Pruned stuff back, removed the dead parts of the strawberry plants (which are sprouting some freaky-furry berries already), and planted my cherry tomatoes. Bought more Easter candy to replace what I keep eating (kill me now). We also finished S2 of Dexter (no more live-streamed Netflix episodes—now we have to order the disks. *sob*), and watched about 4 episodes of Zeroman (an animated series featuring Leslie Nielsen as a somewhat dim superhero). You can see why I'd have rented that last one, which sounds kind of like Leslie Nielsen as The Tick. It has a LOT more bathroom humor than I'd like, which crowds out the other humor. But still—Leslie Nielsen! His animated hero looks just like him.

I have utterly failed at posting poetry this last week. I thought I was going to put up "Who Is Setting These Priorities?" by Ntozake Shange, but I'm not sure anyone would like it but me. It's more prose than poem, and it's political and wry, and I suspect most people just wouldn't "get it." Then I read through "Being There" (a book of poems by Robert Penn Warren) and wondered why I'd ever bought it. I also seem to have lost my T.S. Eliot book... :(

I'm behind on silverbullets entries, and need to get caught up. Some of the ones I read before LJ went absentee weren't terribly schmoopy, which was too bad. There were some that were porn but not schmoop, and some that were Gen but kind of dry. Someone even posted a threesome, which is ANTI-schmoop for me, so I have no idea whether it worked as schmoop for other people or not. But since I live in hope of more schmoopy joy, it's sure nice to have a potential repository for it (not to mention a comm that basically instigates it. Whoo!)

And on an entirely different note, I'll link you to what Rolling Stone has to say about Charlie Sheen. I swear this will be my last Charlie Sheen reference! Probably.

Tags: humor, me, tv, why lj- why?
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