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07 April 2011 @ 12:38 pm
What I Wrote in March  
And would have posted up days ago if LJ would have stopped going AWOL 50 minutes out of every hour...

Lots of variety (but NO random-fandom), and the first longer Sam/Dean story in about a year. \o/

Supernatural Gen:
Baby Steps Toward Independence (PG) (S1) - There are some things you should never pass up.

Supernatural Slash:
Timeout, Truce, No Takebacks (Sam/Dean, R) (S1 "Hell House" coda): After the prank war, some apologies were in order. (Schmoop for silverbullets)

Prison Break Gen/Other:
All of these were for krazykipper, for her Queensland Flood Auction donation. ♥
Folie A Deux (Michael, Veronica, PG) - (Season One) It was impossible to think they could save Lincoln, but just as impossible not to try.
Beyond The Front Door (Michael, Lincoln, PG) - (Pre-Series) Lincoln had never been where Michael was going.
Rainy Day Negotiations (Michael, Lincoln, G - (Pre-Series) Michael and Lincoln kill time during a power outage. Someone wins.

Prison Break Slash:
Celestial Certainties (Michael/Lincoln, PG) (Pre-Series) Maybe it wasn't the wandering but the act of returning that kept drawing Michael back. (for clair_de_lune ♥)