The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Could LJ stop sucking, at least for a couple of days? Gah!

Instead of being a little late for jolietjones' birthday, I'm REALLY late now. I hope it was a wonderful day, Louise, and that your family treated you like a queen. ♥

We made a quick trip to the snow on Saturday, minus Lauren (who is becoming a typical Teenager and has begun to Disdain Things). Christopher and I did sledding and saucering, made a tiny and terrible-looking snow alien, and practiced dragging our legs out of holes. The snow is getting a little slushy (snow-cone quality!), but OTOH... this is the lowest elevation we've ever played in. As in, the Blue Canyon Airport. :0

I've utterly failed at writing this past week. Lots of poking at fics and ideas, but they go nowhere. :( I'm now behind on some drabbles, and STILL have auction fics to write. Inspiration, where have you fled? *flog-flog-flog*

And the workday thus far? Not only do I want the shit to stop hitting the fan, I want people to stop throwing it INTO the damn fan. It's like all the crazy got loose at once! *makes anti-vampire cross with fingers* *wishes that worked for real*

Tags: me, my_kids, office

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