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Great Butler vs. Florida game today, with Butler coming back from behind to win in overtime. I'm rooting for Butler to go all the way, just because I don't let go of my underdogs easily.

Did anyone read that article on Elephant Sterilization I linked yesterday? It's a single page, with a reading process that goes like this:

Wired: Elephant Vasectomies!
Reader: Huh. Random.
Wired: Overpopulation reduction.
Reader: Oh. Makes sense.
Wired: Ambush via helicopter with tranquilizer guns!
Reader: Wait, what now?

I asked Lauren if she'd read the article on Sterilizing Elephants, and she thought I was talking about people making elephants extremely clean. ;)

Spent all day on our 2010 taxes. I'll let them jell and see if any late forms come up (the situation that led to last year's disaster).

Tonight's movie was Local Hero, which I adore. Christopher enjoyed it. Lauren sort of did, but predictably squawked out "What! That's it?" at the end. Such a charming movie (I love the transformation of the main character), and the touches of irony are nice. Plus, Christopher now has a reference for the quote, "It had a name. It had two names!"

Tomorrow is basketball championships for both kids. *bites nails* Do you know, HalfshellHusband randomly asked me a couple of weeks ago if "Basketball Jones" was a real song? Of course it is! It was featured on The Simpsons later that same week, too. Inexplicably, that caused the song "Black Lassie" to get stuck in my head for days. Yes, I had that Cheech & Chong album growing up. Don't judge me. :)

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