The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

I expected to post sooner, but couldn't work up the energy for it. I've been in a funk since the news about elanurel, and on Friday I was so angry at the world that it was better to absent myself. I've tried writing (because I owe fic), but with few results.

Last week started well–I wrote my first longer Wincest story in a year, thanks to silverbullets. What a great idea for a comm–SPN schmoop! We've had Wincest, Sam&Dean Gen, and J2 already. If you're not following the comm, I highly encourage it. :)

Sacramento's current nearly-endless rain has been a pain. I got out to ride last Thursday (the only clear day), and then again today, but that'll be it for awhile. Back to biking in the garage. I finished S4 of Six Feet Under already, and have started S5. There IS no S6, so please let it not rain for the next month. :(

Saturday, I loaded up Turbo Tax but didn't have time to start doing our 2010 return. I bought jeans, I fruitlessly looked for a grid-type cookie-cooling tray at Goodwill and Target (the Whale needs a bath), did laundry, and made the weekly library trip. Ideally, I'd go to the library every three weeks, but Christopher eats through his book supply too fast.

Sunday was basketball playoffs–two games for Christopher and one for Lauren. Both kids' teams are going to the championships next Sunday (yay!), which means next weekend will be much like this one. But less rainy, I hope. I really need to get outside and do more yard cleanup, but the weekends have been pretty rainy this winter. Also? It's still winter. The groundhog lied... :0

Tags: me, my_kids
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