The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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First, Happy Birthday to acostilow and celtic_forest! Clearly, the Ides of March has a good side too. You're both such lovely ladies! And I will happily drabble you, if you wish. *brings cake*

I was going to post yesterday, but I was too busy flailing to get to it. I was tagged for the opening day of silverbullets, which I would never have known but for Deirdre C's thoughtful email. ♥ I spent most of the day trying to figure out how I was going to approach the prompt, and hoping my broken Sam/Dean porn fu would be up to the task. Started writing after 7pm (!), took a break for House, M.D., then poked through to the ending. Finally posted right around midnight.

Whatever else I thought I was doing yesterday, that sure wasn't it. :0

The errand I never got to on the weekend obviously didn't happen Monday, either. :( Both Saturday and Sunday were chore-heavy, with a total of 6 hours devoted to yardwork. Five of those were for putting systemic rose treatment on a 25-bush hedge along our side street, plus cleaning up the dead leaves (underneath) and dead limbs. My arms were stabbed and scratched beyond belief, but at least this year I finished the task early enough that I'm not doing it while the aphids themselves rain down on me. Yuck.

We watched Shrek Forever After on Saturday. I liked it quite a bit (and it's better than #3). There were hints of feminism, and unexpected evil-humor moments where incredibly wrong things happened that were all the funnier for it.

I also sincerely thought I'd get my last Prison Break Gen fic for krazykipper finished, but no. The beginning wrote itself! The ending is less cooperative. I had to rewatch "My Brother's Keeper" for research (thank you, Netflix!). I don't particularly like that episode, but it brought back wonderful memories of when the show was good and I was glued to the TV every Monday night to see it. *happy sigh*

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