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LAS Updates and more...

So, I got voted out of the last round of drabble_las, just as I expected. Mine was an original fiction drabble, and only one of two in the entire competition that did not interpret the prompt literally and focus on character death. Which is why, as soon as I saw all of the others posted, I knew I was doomed. *sigh*

Still alive in tvnetwork1_las, so I'll post up my entry for that in bit.

Lauren's input on last week's Glee was, "I totally called Blaine being bipolar." Ahahahahahaha!

Unusual Tribute: On Sunday, I had the Oscars on in the living room while Lauren was watching it in the kitchen while working on an art collage. When the montage of actors who'd passed away over the year came on, Leslie Nielsen flashed on the screen and I heard, "Oh my god, I LOVE him!" from the kitchen, followed a few seconds later by a surprised, sad, "Dead?" It was spontaneous and heartfelt, and I couldn't have agreed more. I watched the rest of the montage, and while there were other people I admired, I loved Leslie Nielsen, and his death truly pained me. It still does.

Christopher is home sick again, throwing up. When this happened a few weeks ago, one of the office ladies at his school actually mistook him for a girl—with his Cal sweatshirt and black cargo pants and ginormous feet. No one has done that since he was in second grade (that I know of), and I still don't get it—at the most, his hair is Tom Welling Smallville-long. It's a really common boys' haircut. Still, it made me think once again of my post from a few years ago....

House, M.D.: Why, exactly, is the baby doctor still on the show? I'm not sure why they brought her on in the first place—do they think they need a woman in the mix? She's as priggish and self-righteous as Cameron was, and I thought they'd run that into the ground. I liked Thirteen, but I'm not entirely sorry that she's gone. Her Huntington's storyline always struck too close to home. You know, I still wish they'd hired the smartass redhead that House interviewed once and passed over...

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