The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Holiday Monday-- how I love thee!

Voting closes at 5pm EST today for both drabble_las and tvnetwork1_las. I've done my part-- this time, there was a clear "best" in the fandom drabbles (though lots of good ones), but I struggled over the "worst". I have comments for three different contenders there, and picking just one was hard.

We're off to Borders for a little breakfast, and to try to use up our gift cards while we can. :0 Then to Sears, to look for a new living room area rug. This is because (brace yourselves) we bought a sofa yesterday! It has taken us 5-7 years to find one we liked, and at the end we dithered over the color (as opposed to bailing out because all the colors were evil, as has previously been the case. Ad nauseum). It's from Lazyboy, if you can imagine, and is has both clean lines and is comfortable. There was another we liked (less expensive, too), but the seat cushions were hard and not adjustible in that model. We decided on a sea-foam green color. Now we only have to wait 8-12 weeks before it shows up. :0

Christopher is loving his visit to Seattle with his aunt. Yesterday, they saw the Harlem Globetrotters, an event I've been envying in advance for weeks now. They were fantastic. Today, he'll be eating salmon-- lots of it probably. Lucky boy!

Meanwhile, Lauren is back east on an organized 8th grade trip to the Capitol and other nearby sites of interest. She had a great day yesterday, but a terrible flight. Some jackass 20-nothing pressured her into giving up her seat next to her best friend so he could sit by HIS friends, and she spent the trip alone sitting behind the jet engines, which made it hard to sleep (red-eye flight). I wish she'd consulted a teacher or chaperone-- they'd have been utterly prepared to combat that guy's juvenile behavior. Oh, well.

I tell you, I envy both kids' trips! We're stuck here at home, though it's nice to have the freedom to come and go (and no distractions from being randomly needed all day long).

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