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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

We had a successful Valentine's Day yesterday, for the most part. HSH forgot about having the kids get cards for me (he usually forgets), and neither child did it on their own. So when I got the, "Where's my candy basket?" demand, I tweaked both of them about it. Lauren went to her room and made me a card, and Christopher made one this morning. But I think it's fair to remind them not to take other people for granted. HSH should remember the other side of it, but the kids should also show some love even when it's not an assigned school project. Christopher told us that his school had candygrams (news to him AND us), but that he didn't get any. So I asked him whether he had sent any. ;)

On the amazing front, I've been sugar-free for a little over a week, and yesterday I sampled a single Dove heart and left it at that. I cannot remember the last time I got through Valentine's Day without a wall-to-wall sugar binge, unless it was while I was still single. :0

HSH made hot-and-sour soup for dinner. It was a new recipe (from a book of low-calorie Asian foods). We both love hot-and-sour soup, and the kids tolerated it. I think the tofu should be pan-seared first, next time, and some carrot strips would add color. What's the dark, crinkly thing that comes in the restaurant version? Kale? Seaweed? Ours didn't have that, but the seasoning sure tasted authentic. \o/

Other stuff:
  • On Friday, Christopher announced "My adopted meal worm died." I'm... sorry?

  • The one pair of "real" jeans that fits me is falling apart. I bought a new pair a week ago, which didn't look great (they never do). I haven't worn them yet. Instead, I'm trying to lose enough weight to squeeze into my next-smaller pair. Hence the sugar-free state above. Getting there... *fingers crossed*

  • I need more writing prompts for my Flood Fics, but meanwhile I've been tied up with LAS stories because neither prompt has been easy. I hate that-- it makes me feel stymied and talentless. :(

  • Christopher narrowly escaped a written test on ballroom dancing in P.E. This is typical-- his school's P.E. program seems designed to avoid actual exercise. I'm told it continues at the high school level for the program he's in. It drives him nuts, and I don't blame him. :0
  • Sacramento's false Spring has ended, and it's Winter again. Not surprising, but still... too bad!

  • Both kids will be out of town this coming weekend. I'm hoping to have a dinner/movie date (late Valentine's celebration), visit a winery or go antiquing, and (ahahahaha!) buy a new couch. That would be the same couch we've tried to replace at least 3 times already. We cannot find a comfortable & classy model in colors that we want-- it's all earth tones now, and we both hate those. *hopes for a miracle*

  • Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day, and thanks for helping to make mine so much better! I needed it. :)

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