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Blather, grammar, and recs o' random

I did my part for drabble_las by reading all the offerings and voting. I was disappointed by how many of the writers had otherwise great drabbles, but did not know when to use a hyphen. Combinations of words that require a hyphen count as a single word, not two, and the correct use of hyphens makes your story much easier to read. If you have a string of nouns, and some of them are being used as adjectives... more than likely, something needs to be hyphenated.

On the television front, is it wrong that I find Zombie-makeup Finn (Glee) more attractive than regular Finn? Maybe it's because his eyes don't look so small, and because Zombie Finn conveys more intelligence than regular Finn. Yes, I know how bizarre that sounds. :0

Last night's V set things up to pair Erica off with the wrong man. Not that I ship Ryan/Erica in a romantic sense (yet), but I do ship them in a prettiness sense. And no, I'm not talking about Erica's ex. Who needs to grow his hair out a little bit. Yes, Krycek, that's you.

Some random fanfic recs (and I do mean random!):

  • Prison Break: Start To Finish (Michael, Lincoln, PG-13) by msgenevieve. This wonderful post-series AU story was a birthday gift for me. The theme of truth, lies, and where to draw the line is used really well throughout, and the ending is a both believable for Michael and Lincoln and much closer to how we might wish it had really happened.

  • Pirates Of The Carribean: Casa Isla (Jack/Norrington, PG-13) by romankate. "And yet," a familiar voice said nearby, "what if I told you that you were, in fact, washed up on quite a fabulous little desert island?"
    This isn't the usual POTC slash pairing, and on the face of it, it doesn't seem workable. Northington's such a stiff, after all, even if he is quite handsome, and he's a man of the law while Jack Sparrow very much isn't. But Jack's charm is more powerful than Norrington's notion of respectability. Both characters are so wonderfully themselves here, and their conversations so delightfully witty and mutually aggravating. This is part of a series, but it works fine as a standalone.

  • Old Spice Guy/Beowulf Universe: Gamol-léac by castiron. A fantastic crossover, in which the characters of Beowulf are suitably impressed by the arrival of new warrior:
            Up he strode / fearless, noble,
            where Geatlings gathered. / Scorning arms
            He spoke these words: / "Look upon me.
            Now upon yourselves. / Again upon me.
            You are not me." / Deep his voice
            Like thunder's cry / or breath of God.
            Woe to the warriors! / How they trembled!

  • Please give these stories a try, and don't forget to leave the authors some love!

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