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2010 Fanfic In Review (Writing Meme)

I started to do this on Friday, and then had an attack of self-loathing and abandoned it. The overriding theme was how much I struggled with writing Supernatural fanfic. I only got out one longer Wincest story last year, and the SPN Gen didn't fare much better. I have unfinished Wincest stories galore, most of them from S3-onward, but I can't seem to get them to budge. Not a lot of Prison Break last year either. Instead, the random-fandom fics ran riot:

# of Fandoms: 18

Supernatural: 33
Prison Break: 12
Burn Notice: 6
White Collar: 7
Fringe: 2
Die Hard 4: 3
Iron Man: 3
Chuck: 5
The Hurt Locker: 1
Glee: 1
House, M.D.: 2
Terminator, SCC: 1
J2 RPS: 1
Winnie The Pooh: 1
Lawrence Of Arabia:1
Harvard/MIT: 1
To Live And Die In L.A: 1
Original Fiction: 1

Total Stories: 81, and 27 of them were drabbles.

Total 2010 wordcount: 40671. Some of it, sadly, derailed into stalled-out SPN fics. :(

On to the details. Some of these definitely need your help.

My favorite story this year (of my own): Might be Mayhem Is Absolutely A Plan (White Collar Humor with Neal, Mozzie, and Peter), or Where The Sun Calls Home (Sam/Dean, PG-13) (SPN Wincest drabble), or In The Night (Sam/Dean, PG-13) (SPN Wincest drabble). I love the shenanigans in "Mayhem", but I love both of the vivid moods in the two Wincest drabbles.

My best story this year: No freakin' idea. :(

Most fun story: A tossup between C'mon, How Bad Could It Be? (SPN/House Xover: Dean, Sam, House) and Mechanical Mutiny (Fringe: Walter and Peter, with a side of Gene the Cow).

Most sexy story: Ummmm… Whiskey Won't Guard Your Secrets (Sam/Dean, R) (SPN Wincest), and Across A Crowded Room (Michael/Lincoln, R) (Prison Break), and Hothead (NC-17) (To Live And Die In L.A., Chance/Masters) were the only porn stories I wrote this year, and the last one is hatesex and nobody read it, so… There was some PG-13 sexiness in Aftershocks (Die Hard 4, John/Matt) and Casey And The Compulsive Talker (Chuck: Chuck/Casey). I don't know. You tell me.

Story with single sexiest moment: ?? Help!

Story with single sweetest moment: Either during the Supernatural Gen schmoop That Old Familiar Magic, or Where The Sun Calls Home (Sam/Dean, PG-13) (SPN Wincest drabble).

Most unintentionally *telling* story: Boy, I never know what to do with this one. No idea.

"Holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: The Harvard/MIT Hate-Sex story, Scandal On Brookline Street (PG-13). But darn, it was fun!

Most disappointing story: Melting Winter's Heart (PG-13). This was the only Jensen/Jared RPS story I've written in ages, and it didn't turn out the way I wanted at all. I'd kind of like to burn it.

Biggest surprise: There was a whole lot of weird last year, but overall the most unexpected thing was writing a White Collar story for a bleeding_cuticles challenge, and then writing a bunch more as the year went on. I never intended to get into that fandom, and even after the first story I was sure it was just a one-time thing. :0

Hardest story to write: Summoning The Christmas Spirit—the first draft was loads of fun (the crossover Burn Notice characters in this White Collar universe really make this story work). But getting it down from 1250 words to just under the required 1000-max (while keeping the characterization) was a chore.

Easiest story to write: Of the non-drabbles, The Turkey Apocalypse (SPN: Dean, Castiel, Sam, Humor) or A Conspiracy Of Comfort (White Collar, Mozzie & Neal).

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: My inspiration was random at best, especially random-fandom: Pooh And The Poltergeist

Anything to add?

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