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03 February 2011 @ 11:09 pm
What I Wrote In January  
Supernatural Slash:
Undone (PG-13) (Sam/Dean) - Dean kept chasing that illusion of self-control.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
The Dying Of The Light (PG) (S1) - It was all coming to an end for Lincoln.

Chuck: Morgan Vs. The Buddy-Night Buzzkill (PG) (S1) - There are certain things Morgan just doesn't understand.
Chuck: In A Heartbeat (PG) (S3) - Things were finally starting to go right again for Shaw. It didn't last.
Burn Notice: Empty Opportunity (PG) (S1) - This didn't feel like freedom…
Die Hard 4 Slash: Some Kind Of Miracle (PG)(John/Matt) - Funny how things change…
White Collar: Most Days Are Better Before They Actually Happen (PG) - Jones-centric story for usanetwork_las.