The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote In December (2010)

*koff* Maintenance. Carry on...

Supernatural Gen:
Let The Door Now Open (PG) (Lucifer/Lilith) - Drabble for insmallpackages.

Fringe: Mechanical Mutiny (PG) (Walter, Peter, Humor) - Nobody is immune to having 'one of those days.'
Burn Notice: Break Out The Ammo And Eggnog (PG) - Christmas humor and warmth.
White Collar/Burn Notice: Summoning The Christmas Spirit (PG) - A retelling of the Christmas Carol: The night was long, but far from silent...
White Collar: Conversations In The Surveillance Van (PG) - Birthday humor for tsuki_no_bara.
Chuck: Big Mike Vs. The Seasonal Celebration (PG) (S1) - It's Secret Santa time at the Buy More.
Harvard/MIT Slash: Scandal On Brookline Street (PG-13) (for Yuletide Madness) - Prestige alone cannot conquer the beast that is envy.
Lawrence Of Arabia Slash: Beneath The Stars (PG) (Ali/Aurens for Yuletide Madness) - Aurens was Arabia's brightest star...
To Live And Die In L.A. Slash: Hothead (NC-17) (Chance/Masters, for Yuletide Madness) - Richard Chance was as impulsive as his name.

Tags: monthly_fic_list

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