The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Feb 1 already? I'm behind!

Christopher dug up and emailed me this LOLcat from the past:

funny pictures of cats with captions

Both of us wonder, what IS that other creature? A woodchuck? A gopher? It is stubby and kind of huge. And barely fits in that box. :0

Yesterdays' bike ride was chilly. I changed my Wunderground home station from whatever random thingy keeps coming up to Mather AFB, because the bike-path temps are closer to Mather's. I kept watching the "current temp," and finally it got late enough that I needed to ride or risk early darkness. So I La-la-la'd and jumped at the more optimistic Sacramento and Sacramento Airport temps, got outside, and... Oh, yeah. That's why I switched to the Mather station. It really IS that cold. :(

As for the ride itself: Why do geese talk? Or conversely, Why do they never shut up? God, but their voices are hideous. And loud.

Christopher says I should visit the doctor about my crazy dreams. That's because I told him about Saturday's dream, which involved going out to dinner with HSH, getting waylaid by a friend on the way back to the table after a bathroom visit, and then discovering that my food was on the bench and not the table... where a ferret was nibbling at it. Ugh-- weasel spit! What kind of restaurant is plagued by ferrets instead of rats or mice, anyway?!?

Ahem. OTOH, Christopher went into a big harangue last week involving the new state of KAN'T-sas, and all the incompetent things that would happen there (or be blamed on it). This apparently had its inception in a conversation about Kent State and him mishearing it as "Kan't State." From there, the snowball was already rolling downhill... :0

Tags: cycling, me, my_kids, random, weird dreams fall out of my head

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