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I'm in two final rounds for Last Author Standing, and you wouldn't mind, please take a moment to read the stories and vote. There are only two stories in each comm, so it'll be fairly quick: usanetwork_las and nbc_las. Thank you for your support. :)

Remember the days when "High-Concept" descriptions of TV shows and movies were all the rage? As in, "Sell me your idea in one sentence," and the results might be something like "The Village meets the Zombie Apocalypse" (my joke-description for The Forest Of Hands And Teeth, which was a book I really enjoyed)? Well, there are ads right now for an animated movie whose title is the high-concept: Gnomeo and Juliet. I tell you, if it doesn't flop like a dying fish in freefall according to the reviews, I am there. Can't wait for this one to come out! \o/

For family movie night yesterday, we watched Redboy13, a Netflix instant-play feature. I'm pretty sure this came up in an article on Wired or Newsweek. It's a movie that is so terrible, it's actually funny-- kind of a cult classic. God, the acting. The ideas! The cheesy special FX! There was one unexpected oath, "Great chicken of Paradise!", that made me LOL. Ahem.

Afterwards, the grownups watched the first two episodes of Dexter, which you've all been raving about for years now. Utter win! \o/

Now back to my paperwork burden and a day full of basketball games, jogging, and whatever yardwork I can squeeze in.

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