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Supernatural Gen Drabbles on "Exits": Going, Going, Gone

Author: HalfshellVenus
Category: Sam and Dean (Gen, Drabbles)
Rating: PG
Summary: 5x100 Gen Drabbles. Three humorous, two dramatic.
Author’s Notes: Written for the supernatural100 “Exits” challenge. I applied the theme broadly…


Cut And Run
They have almost found the talisman. It is upstairs in this building, bleeding its malevolent power. Sam homes in on it as they move down the hallway in unison.

“There!” he says. They push through the door roughly and stumble in. Sam tears into the closet, tossing things out behind him as Dean checks the window.

“Dude—someone’s here!”

They rocket downstairs, the job unfinished. Dean’s hand is on a door, but a smack on the butt stops him short.

“Ow!” he says. “What?”

“Emergency Exit only!”

“Stupid alarm,” Dean mutters. Leaving by window is a pain in the ass.

Not Here
“Wait—what are you doing, Dean?”

“I’m changing lanes. And what did I say about riding shotgun? Save the driving for when it’s your turn behind the wheel.”

“Okay, all right already. It’s just that—hey! Not here! You’re getting off on the wrong exit!”

“I’ve been here a millions times before, Sam. So don’t get your panties in a bunch.”

“Are you forgetting that I have the actual map? This is not the road that goes to Blue Lake Ridge.”

“No, but it is the road that takes you to Adelheide. Best corndogs this side of a County Fair…”

What, Already?
The music’s pretty good, and not too loud for a change.

Sam does his research while Dean plies his craft at the pool table. A presence at Sam’s side casts a shadow on the laptop screen. Sam looks up.

“Time to go?” he asks brightly. Dean’s eyes hold a thousand pointed words.

Sam packs up the computer, and grabs his jacket from the chair. “That’s a good look for you,” he snickers, dodging the fist Dean aims at his arm.

Dean is a hunter, sometimes a charmer. He’s as loyal as they come…

And he wears beer like nobody’s business.

~~~~~~~~ Levity Above, Drama Below ~~~~~~~~

“I’ll be back,” were the words he said.

He drove off with the brother she’d never met, not finding his father but instead finding his past.

The motel held a lingering trail, with the clippings and the journal left behind. They followed the clues, fell back into the methods they knew. Sam could have been killed by the Woman in White, but he wasn’t and the injuries weren’t bad.

When he returned, his new life was gone and he didn’t even know it.

If he had it to do over, those last words would be worthy of who she was.

Deja Vu
How did they get to an impasse so quickly? It’s only been months since he joined up with Dean again.

Now here they are—divided. Sam wants to track down demon leads with Dad, and Dean’s sticking to Dad’s orders about something clearly unrelated to the larger hunt.

It’s the good soldier vs. the larger picture, and Sam is tired of thinking so damned small.

The taillights dim in the darkness, and this time it’s Sam who’s left behind.

It’s the same fight he had with Dad, but in a different form. And how the hell could that happen again?

-------- FIN --------
Tags: sn_gen
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