The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Heading up North...

I've been flailing around since Christmas trying to get a few things done, including getting ready to visit my family in Oregon. Hence, I missed eponin10's birthday, which I hope was wonderful and will lead to great things in the year to come! \o/

On the writing front, I hope to finish off a few presents while traveling. Lately, it seems as if almost everything I write is subject to 'delayed gratification,' in terms of feedback. The Last Author Standing stories are finished anywhere from 5-9 days before I can post them up "live" on my journal. The three stories for Yuletide Madness are even worse-- because people ARE commenting, but I can't reply to the comments. There's a certain blackhole quality to the whole thing.

Not, however, as frustrating as the stalled-out SPN stories on my thumb-drive that continue to mock me. :(

In RL news, I went out for some post-Xmas shopping. I'm always hoping to score more Christmas lights (especially silhouettes or staked lawn series-ornaments such as mini-trees or mini-santas). Well. The stock was very thin both during and after the Xmas season. Mainly, I picked up some extra blue icicle lights and one box each of red, blue, and green lights. Those are replacements for when various parts of my yard decor die, as they do over the years. I also bought some wrapping paper I didn't need (several different rolls) because the designs featured cute penguins and that's my Achilles' Heel these days. To compound the punishment of my impulse-purchase, all of the rolls are oversized and do not fit into my underbed wrapping box. *thwaps self*

Well it's late, so I'd better shut this thing down and get some sleep before the long haul tomorrow. Might not be around until Sunday or so, as my Dad's house is mainly an Internet-free zone (especially since those of his neighbors with wireless have wised-up and made their networks encrypted-key access. Darn those tech-savvy oldsters!)

Be good, and stay safe on New Year's Eve! ♥

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