The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Merry Birthday And Christmas, Everyone!

It's scarlett_o's birthday, so I want to send out wishes and hopes and hugs first thing! ♥

And for those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope you're enjoying yourself today. Happy Holidays to one and all!

There was a lot of mayhem leading up to Christmas. Much of it was self-induced, from trying to write extra ficlets for people for Yuletide. I fininished one early, then an emergency missive came out on the pinch-hit list yesterday and I decided to write that one too. Thus, I was working on my third and final one up through 1am, and then struggling to post it. It's A Wonderful Life was on for awhile while I was working on fic #2—the "George Bailey loses it at home" scene. I tell you, the ruckous and the piano-playing was making ME nuts at that point!

I did a little final (except for the Oregon-folks) shopping yesterday, including driving to Target and then bailing out when I saw the state of the parking lot. :0 Then there was wrapping, more wrapping, a bazillion interruptions from the kids, dinner, and then the Tour De Christmas Lights before the kids finally went to bed.

I had a 2-hour window on Thursday night, where I thought I could whip Lauren's apron together. Well! Let us just say that the stitch-ripper and I are old friends. It's not so much wrong-facing fabric as it used to be—more the problem of rushing and the stitches going in wrong places (always when I'm using the closest possible stitches to reinforce the fabric, and thinking that I of course will do it perfectly the first time!) X_X

And in my rush, I neglected to wish happy birthday to gatheringlight on the 23rd, and to fiery_fox2 and needtakehave yesterday. Sorry, ladies! I hope it was joyous and exciting for you all!

Now it's 3pm, and we've cleaned up most of the wrappings. Christopher has assembled two of his gift Lego sets and is playing with the new Wii (which I have to re-wire in a minute, since it has no sound or color. Lauren's attempt was otherwise successful, though). HalfshellHusband is wearing his new classic Beatles t-shirt, and I have finally completed Lauren's apron.

Here's hoping for some lazing in front of the fire before the day is out.

Love and all good things to you and yours, today and in the coming year. You'll never know how much I treasure all of you, and the great fortune that is LJ, a boatload of fandoms, and everything else that has brought us together. ♥

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