The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The aftermath...

HSH's birthday went really well. We got to the Nutcracker on time (always a race), the performance was great overall, and the Steampunk Lincoln tshirt present made HSH LOL. Even though I showed him a picture of it two months ago and threatened to buy it for him, he was still surprised. And he's wearing it today-- while reading his new Mark Twain unexpurgated autobiography! \o/

We got the tree up and decorated on Friday, though the Xmas village is still upstairs. Maybe I'll get that done tonight, while also attempting to make peppermint bark. \o?

My usanetwork_las story tied for 1st place this round, which fills me with glee-- especially after sweating blood over it. Also because I pretty much love the result. Must finish the Chuck Xmas fic! I got too sleepy to fully edit it last night. :(

Randomly, I subscribe to the yuletide pinch-hit list, and I cannot tell you how amazed I am that authors can snap up prompts for such a huge range of fandoms (some of them really obscure or offbeat), and turn out stories for them in so little time. *is in awe* One of the reasons I haunt that email list is because of the Yuletide Madness window, where the stories do NOT have to meet the 1000-word minimum. I look for things that I might be able to write (in one case, the requestor seems so awesome that I'm going to FORCE myself to try writing one of hers, knowing that unhobbityhobbit could probably do it in a heartbeat). The year I actually did yuletide, the 'real' story I got was fairly good, but there were two random gifts that were just fantastic! I now suspect those were all the result of a pinch-hit blastogram, so I lurk with the spirit of paying-it-forward. Wrote a short Chuck/Casey story last year, have a smutlet in mind for a really random-fandom this year, and... I hope to write that unwriteable prompt at least a little. No-one but the requester would read it, but it would make her day! *ahem* Might be nagging Cindy later for some geographical details...

So! The kids are at home, making HSH nuts (with the endless rain, so Christopher will be bouncing off the walls all week). What are the rest of you up to?

ETA: That insane unwriteable yuletide prompt that wasn't even on my radar until this morning? Finished the ficlet just now. :0

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