The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

It's HalfshellHusband's Birthday!

We'll be going to the Nutcracker matinee in a few hours, and hoping the wind/rain give us a small break as we trek from the parking garage to the community center. Especially those of us wearing skirts and tights. Sometime between now and then (or later?), we'll open presents. Steampunk Lincoln FTW!

Voting closes today on usanetwork_las, and we're down to only four stories, so if you can help please do! This was the "Christmas Carol" challenge, which took a LOT of creativity and effort, so I hope my story holds up against the votes. I took a skip for the other two LAS comms I'm writing in, as one had the same challenge (!) and the other... I had a great idea for it and even started the story, but just couldn't finish it in time. Perhaps just as well, since the rough draft is @1200 words and there's a 1000 max limit. ;) I'm hoping to post it today or tomorrow, depending on birthday-related busy-ness.

I finished the shopping for my husband's sibs yesterday, found a couple of nice surprises for Lauren (her list is a Doom of ultra-expensive or intangible things), and am down to a few more Lauren gifts, making her apron (still haven't started it), a few things for the stockings, and some work on the Oregon folks (whom we won't see until around the 29th, so there's a little reprieve). And the remaining candy-making/baking stuff. I seriously hope melting the white chocolate doesn't turn on me the way it did one of my coworkers. She's given up on it altogether by now. Perhaps I should be making caramal/milk-chocolate pretzel rods instead of white-chocolate. We'll see how it goes.

Oh, and I fended off two ant attacks yesterday, in two different parts of the house. Whee. This is the dark side of having a raised-foundation house, especially in an anthill town like Sacramento. :0

Tags: birthday, me, pimpage, random

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