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16 December 2010 @ 04:18 pm
What I Wrote In October And November. Ish.  
Lots of random-fandom stuff this time around, mostly for the three Last Author Standing comms I'm participating in, but a little bit of Supernatural and Prison Break as well. :)

Supernatural Gen:
The Turkey Apocalypse (Dean, Castiel, Sam, Humor, PG) - Any holiday can become excruciating as long as you know the right people…
Dreaming Of Fields (WeeChesters, G) - When Dean was six, he and Sammy stayed at Aunt Sally's farm.
Covering Your Bases (PG, Humor) - A good hunter should always be prepared.

Supernatural Slash:
Feverish Desire (Sam/Dean, PG) - (Pilot) Against Sam, then and now, Dean never had a chance.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
A Matter Of Perspective (PG, Crack) - Some things are even more ridiculous on paper…
Masquerade (Michael, Sara, PG) - (S1) Five years ago, Michael never would have done this…

Prison Break Slash:
Elusive Autumn (Michael/Lincoln, PG) - In Illinois, autumn is fleeting…

Burn Notice: Volatile Chemistry (Michael/Fi, PG) - Michael was the most frustrating man Fi had ever known.
Chuck: Casey Vs. The Costly Consequences (Chuck/Casey, PG) - (S1) Casey is not a good loser.
Chuck: Chuck Vs. The Perfect Possibility (Chuck, Sarah, PG) - Some things are always just out of reach.
Chuck: Chuck Vs. The Special Deliveray (Chuck, Big Mike, Morgan, Casey, Humor, PG) - It's not Christmas, it's not Chuck's birthday… and it's not even fun.
White Collar: Mayhem Is Absolutely A Plan (Neal, Mozzie, Peter, Humor, PG) - The dynamic duo is at it again...
White Collar: By The Book (Peter, PG) - A guide to the care and feeding of Neal Caffrey.
Fringe: Once, All Of This Was New (Walter, PG) - When Walter was young, the future held so much promise…