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We watched the Glee Christmas episode. It was an odd mix of the creative (trying to keep Christmas real for Brittany) and the derivative (rehashing the Grinch? Though that was my favorite part). None of the performance struck me as being especially good (except the "Dahoo Dores" rendition, or whatever that Whoville song is), and I wish the show would return to singing with heart instead of singing with electronic vocal effects.

But I loved Coach Bieste as the weary Santa, and the visuals on Sue's turn as the Grinch. Who sang the Grinch song? It didn't sound like Sue to me, and the closest vocal match in speaking voice would have been Dot Jones (Coach Bieste)— but I don't think we've heard her sing before.

I did like the show's ending (Sue&Will awkward friendship totally rocks for me!) Not so much the way the plot slapped Judaism in the face, though. :(

The Finn/Rachel part? Meh. They've made Rachel so sincerely unlikeable now that I can't wish her on anyone.

Oh, and utterly random: I read in a trash-rag this week that the 6'3" actress that plays Coach Bieste used to be 6'4" before her 11 knee surgeries. Major medical squick! Yow.

I've been biking outdoors sporadically, thanks to the cold alternating with rain. Nothing unusual to report, except that weeks ago I passed a homeless man who had two cats on rope leashes. One (an older black kitten) was standing at the edge of the bike path, watching the world. I wondered if that was the guy we used to think of as Catman. Years ago, when we lived near the bottom of the bike path, we'd see Catman out walking with a trail of cats following him, as if he was the Pied Piper. He usually had an orange tabby slung over his shoulder, and sometimes he'd pandhandle at our neighborhood grocery store, hoping to buy cat kibble. One year, the American River flooded huge portions of the lower bike path. The newspaper ran a story about the police trying to evacuate a man from the parkway who kept insisting that he needed to rescue his cats from an island in the floodwaters. The tone of the story implied that the police thought the man wasn't all there, and it gave me such pangs to know how wrong they were. Poor Catman and his kitties. I hope most of them made it. :(

While biking indoors, I'm about 5-10 minutes from finishing Six Feet Under, S2. Fascinating season, while at the same time I wanted to give Brenda, Keith, and sometimes Claire and Ruth a smack. Get over yourselves, all of you! *ahem*

Looking forward to tonight's Fringe, which gets more fascinating every year. Can I just say that naming a business "Massive Dynamic" almost begs the question of, "Dynamic what?" It's such a tongue-in-cheek, overhyped phrase that it comes off as being one noun short of meaningful.

Ultra-randomly, I saw something late at night on TV this week that made me turn the sound on: fish leaping up a river in migration, to the point where all you need is a boat and they'll jump right in it. Ah, fish—this is how you become dinner...

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