The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Who What Which?

Got some Xmas shopping done this weekend, but not much on the outside lights (too rainy). I didn't get the inside decor done either. Instead, I sifted through the books/arts&crafts donations from my S-I-L for what to keep, which prompted me to clean out OUR many arts&crafts cupboards and donate 2 bags of great supplies to Goodwill. Including unused Playdoh, which was off-limits at our house because Lauren is a dingaling with not tracking mess out of the kitchen.

I also got off my @$$ and posted pictures/summaries of stuff I need to sell to craigslist. But not the blanket "Hello Kitty" listing of many, many room decorations/toys/etc. That's a dauntingly huge job. :0

We watched the Oregon/Oregon-State civil war football game, televised because it was the deciding game for whether the Ducks would go to the BCS. Yesssss!!! Though the BCS still persists in putting them at #2. Frak you, BCS. :(

Today, I'm loopy and rolling like a sailor because I got virtually no sleep last night. First, there was "awake-awake-awake". Then I dreamed I was at Wincon and fangirl roommates were keeping me awake (which did actually happen, but... dreams where people are keeping you awake means you're barely sleeping). Then massive sweating and tense muscles, 90-some minutes of being REALLY awake, and finally a strenuous bunch of sex dreams ultimately featuring Lex Luthor and class reunions and expensive Hawaii condos and helicoptors. Yeah. And? Sex dreams tend to be ultimately frustrating for the most part, in the last 10 years or so, because they now involve a real component. Getting adequately worked up, while asleep with no physical stimulation, and turning around successive 'incidents' in what theoretically amounts to seconds instead of the minutes/days of dreamtime... yeah. It takes a LONG period of dreamtime to hit success, and it's never as intense as it should be. For obvious reasons. *ahem*

I made it through the last rounds of Last Author Standing. The upcoming prompt for two of them (same prompt!) has me so stymied that I actually started one of the fics yesterday. Because that's how I roll!!! \o?

Meanwhile, I'll try to stay awake long enough to finish Cindy's fic (started, but not done), and get my other two birthday ones off the ground. Two so far, that is. ;)

I did wrisomifu last month, and really enjoyed the daily mod posts. I had my writing time for a minimum of ten minutes each day, MOSTLY writing (sometimes titles/summaries/woodshedding), and only a few days of the ultimate badness: *poke prompts and fandoms* "Germinate germinate germinate!" *flog-flog-flog* Nothing. *pout*

Maybe I'll get that monthly writing list posted up one of these days. For the last two months. You?

Tags: me, tv, weird dreams fall out of my head, writing

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