The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Stuff I Want...

Fandom-wise, I'd really love a new banner for my "Other Fanfiction" page, because my fandoms have... shifted. That is, I still need Die Hard 4 and J2 slashiness, but I also need Tony/Rhodey slashiness (Iron Man), Fringe, White Collar, and Chuck. I didn't post it up at insmallpackages, though, because it's a me-specific request and that wasn't allowed. :(

Random PSA: You can now claim gift-requests to grant at insmallpackages, though, even if you didn't submit requests of your own. Go over and see whose dream you can fulfill!

Other non-fannish stuff I want the Universe At Large to make available (and I don't think these are unreasonable):
  • Yarn samplers. You know, the yarn version of embroidery-thread samplers. This is because I had a needlepoint Christmas gift in mind for both my sisters, but I don't need whole skeins of yarn! I need maybe 3 yards of two main colors, and about 1 yard each of the rest. I've been to three craft stores, and no-one sells that. Why? *is frustrated*

  • Shirts that are not see-through! Seriously! I understand that some people like layering, but I want to be able to still wear those shirts when that goes out of style. Now I have to return some stuff to Target. :(

  • A small Men's red terrycloth bathrobe that doesn't cost a bazillion dollars. Honestly, the choices are plaid flannel (yuck) and the rare terrycloth robe in ugly colors. This would be for Christopher, and this is the 3rd year in a row I've looked for this.

  • And those are some of the less ranty requests, as opposed to 'Have the BCS stop discriminating against the U of O (and non-SEC/non-Big 10 teams in general)' or 'Have a cable channel pick up Reaper and Pushing Daisies'. ;)

    Thanksgiving offered a much-needed break. I didn't do as much around the house as I'd planned, but I did do some Christmas shopping (Cost Plus Imports on Friday afternoon—I love going there during Christmas season—and a Target/Walmart/Michael's on Sunday). I decided to make jewelry for my two nieces, and I have necklace/earring stuff, so I'll visit U Bead It this weekend. The grownups are always the hardest (we've crept up from the token gifts a little), and I do the shopping for both sides of the family (my husband has 3 sibs, I have 4 but only do shopping for two of them).

    We watched some Wallace And Gromit on Saturday (finally saw "The Wrong Trousers," which devon99 recommended). HalfshellHusband and I also tried out S1 of Saving Grace. We're not sure whether we like it, so we ordered the second disk from Netflix. I love the redneck-style angel, and I really like Holly Hunter as an actress, but the character's drunken and amoral lifestyle kind of gets to me.

    Oh, and we saw the Harry Potter movie last Wednesday night. Lauren loved it, because she's very into the books. The rest of us thought it was pretty good, but the first movie will always be my favorite (partly because it's funnier and less dark). Also, not enough Snape in the new movie. Just saying.

    And I know I missed some LJ birthdays, so I'll be going around and pinging people. Look out!

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