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So, I've finally finished all three of my Last Author Standing fics for this round. That means I can start in on the birthday drabbles for my peeps tonight!

I haven't won any of the rounds of the three LAS comms I'm in, though I was hoping the White Collar Mozzie & Neal extravaganza last week would do it. :( I also wish more people would read last week's Fringe fic. Walter lovers, where are you? Oh, but the tiny fandoms are tiny!

On Saturday, HSH and I watched The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. We'd skipped it in the theaters, thinking it would be too gory. It was. Great visuals and style other than the gore, but I really freakin' hate grossness and gore. I don't think I mentioned that we also finally watched Mr. And Mrs. Smith on DVD. Dull, dull, dull. I fast-forwarded through a lot of the last part of it.

In Glee news, I really enjoyed Gwyneth Paltrow in this week's show, and she sings very well! Hated the mixup of "Singing In The Rain/Under My Umbrella," though. Yark.

For last week... How did Kurt suddenly gain a single tormentor? He's had tag-team bullies for weeks now, so why just the one kid (other than plot-service)? Speaking of plot-service, I just can't see Football Bully realistically wanting to kiss Kurt. Kurt would not be his type at all. Does the show not get that? Are all gay people magically attracted to all other gay people? (Not that this would be the first time Hollywood made that mistake) I did feel bad for Kurt, that Football Bully forever undermined his notion of a first kiss with that lip assault.

I had mixed feelings about the rest of the episode. That storyline cut too close to being something that could have been true for the actress (who is 6" 3' and big-boned) as much as her character. I'm uncomfortable with the actress being put in that position. Sorry I can't explain that better. All in all, I wish the show hadn't gone there. :(

My DVR continues its problems with random deprogramming, and it missed Shit My Dad Says and The Mentalist AGAIN. I think it picks those two because they're not available online via Hulu. *grumps* Thank goodness for Torrent...

What's everyone up to, those of you who aren't wall-to-wall on NaNoWriMo? I'm trying to shed a cold (stayed home from work on Monday for the first time in years), and make further headway in Cleaning All The Things. Whee!

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