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22 November 2010 @ 12:10 am
White Collar Fiction: "By The Book" (Peter, Neal, PG)  
Title: By The Book
Fandom: White Collar
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Peter and Neal (Gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: A guide to the care and feeding of Neal Caffrey.
Author's Notes: For usanetwork_las ("writing a how-to manual").
Also for writers_choice, this is "Books."


Catching Neal Caffrey was one of Peter's lifetime accomplishments. He spent years studying Neal and his methods, arranged enough stakeouts and sting operations that the rest of the Bureau probably laughed whenever the subject came up. But in the end, Peter caught him.

He could have written a book on Neal Caffrey, an all-purpose guide for law enforcement. It would even serve a dual purpose, because the method for catching Neal was very similar to the technique for keeping him.

The first step was to have an interesting prize—something beautiful, rare, or valuable. Something Neal couldn't ignore. The second was to make sure that getting it would be a challenge. Neal tended not to fall prey to temptations that seemed too easy. Maybe he suspected they were a trap, or maybe there was no thrill in it. Either way, Peter had learned that lesson very quickly.

It helped to have a setting where people were involved. Neal loved working the con, even though everything Peter had seen showed that Neal genuinely liked people. It was a mystery, always had been.

Neal liked the fancy parties and the art galleries much more than blue collar settings. He liked the nice clothes and the trappings of the high life, and god knew he'd spent his career trying to steal his way there. It was semi-ironic that the loft at June's was probably the farthest Neal had ever gotten.

As a side-note, Peter had discovered that it was a very bad idea to put Neal in the surveillance van, except as a form of punishment. Even then, the punishment tended to go both ways, because Neal whined like a three-year-old in that van. Peter had nephews that sounded like that, and it was a good thing they lived in Boston.

With all of those details, though, there was one thing Peter almost wished he'd never learned. He'd even written it down in a report, just before he made the offer that allowed Neal to work under his supervision instead of going back to prison.

Once Neal cared about you, he'd risk nearly everything (including good judgment) if he thought you really needed him.

In the wrong hands, that kind of information could be used to manipulate Neal into making dangerous choices.

Peter hoped no one ever remembered reading that.

For now, Neal was safe. He was in Peter's hands, and the unwritten book on Peter was that betrayal was not in his vocabulary.

-------- fin --------

realpestilencerealpestilence on April 13th, 2011 08:42 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen much Neal/Kate shipping so far, except for the occasional nod to them having been together. Not much bashing, either, which is interesting-maybe it's because the OT3 is so strong in this fandom, that people don't feel comfortable bashing a het pairing lest it spill over to Elizabeth?

I wish I could watch the show. Dang this no tv business!
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: White Collar- Neal & Peterhalfshellvenus on April 13th, 2011 09:13 pm (UTC)
Over time (later seasons), fans' dislike of Kate has grown a little bit, but it still doesn't seem to reach the level of bashing.

And the OT3 thing has totally complicated the slash potential, at least for me. I feel guilty even thinking about it, and I'm not a threesome person at all, so it's a Gen world in my book. ;)

I wish I could watch the show. Dang this no tv business!
Have you seen at least some of the episodes? They've all run on Hulu at one time or another, though now we're at the point where you'd need to Torrent the first season and most of the second. It's a fun show, definitely. :)