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Birthdays and other things

Okay, I've hit a cluster of November birthdays and I need to just do blanket greetings before I wind up being late on every single one of them. The fact that I thought today was the 8th is a very bad sign already.

Happy Birthday to wenchpixie, gretazreta, jeza_jezaro, and tyrical, and many happy returns in the coming year ahead! If any of you ladies would like a birthday drabble, just drop me a comment below-- I'd be happy to oblige!


I had some vague plan to Clean All The Things on Sunday. What I actually did was to admit defeat regarding my office-room closet and the ongoing mildew situation. I've painted and repainted, I've caulked, and years later the problem persists. So I took allll the fabric I'd been storing in there and put it through the washing machine, and am almost done ironing the whole mess and separating it into three Goodwill piles (large size, quilter's fabric, and kids' craft fabric) and my own "keep" pile. I sorted through all my sewing patterns, for keep or donate. I also smell-checked the cotton batting in there, and threw some out and moved some to a safer (dryer) location. Same with the cover-it-yourself throw pillows.

As a side-effect, I removed some other stuff permanently from that closet, and also cleaned out the linen cupboards. That included a grocery bag containing a few of the kids' stuffed toys AND the damn pirate-ship cake-kit I wound up rebuying on Christopher's birthday a few years back. Remember that? The random toys/etc. in the bag were fallout from HalfshellHusband's first year of ECT (shock) treatments, when he went in every 2-3 weeks. At home, he randomly "put stuff away" that amounted to losing things. :(

HSH cleaned the mildew out of that closet, and I'll finish putting the remaining stuff back. It's really frustrating, though, not to be able to actually use that closet. It's huge- 3 doors! Even DampRid can't keep the moisture down. This is the dark side of older lathe-and-plaster houses...

In other news, on Monday our local paper reprinted an article from the New York Times about Toddlers and iPhones that I found fairly alarming (and on the plus side, Christopher was appalled by it too). I'm definitely more old-fashioned as a parent on a lot of things, and this is one of them. There's plenty of time for kids to discover video games (and TV) when they're older, but I think delaying it really helps them learn to solve their own boredom problems and try out creative play. And, as a side note, I don't think parents should try to entirely avoid "inconvenient moments" when raising kids. I.e., those little frustrations and hitches in life are often character-building both for you and for your child. The easiest choice is not always the best choice, long-term. /soapbox

Now, a completely random question about something else entirely: Should I write up a Wincon report, or is it too late to bother? Thoughts?

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