The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Today's entry is not about steampunking (and if you've been rolling your eyes over my current obsession, I don't want to know). ;)

It's Saturday, so we've done the kids' soccer games and I've also put away the Halloween stuff and done laundry. I secretly sold a few of the kids' old costumes today, and I've been cleaning up bath toys and other stuff for Goodwill. There's SO much more of that to do (including getting things ready to craigslist), but I can only whittle away at the larger job.

I went to the fabric store to look for zebra apron fabric for an Xmas project for Lauren. I didn't find anything heavyweight enough, but I unexpectedly ordered cloth for the 8 dining room chairs I've been meaning to reupholster for the last six years. I've never found quite the right pattern before, and today I saw something I liked that was also on sale.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow. The kids have basketball tryouts (my god, maybe I'll get some writing done). If it rains ALL day (a possibility), I'll be biking in the garage. Fortunately, I have S2 of Six Feet Under to distract me. It's been ages since I saw S1, and I rewatched the first S2 disc. I now remember why S2 Brenda makes me so nuts...

I'm considering stockpiling S6 of Supernatural and then mainlining it when the season's over. I haven't liked the direction of canon since S3, and there are parts I can't make myself believe in. I also accidentally got spoiled for much of S6, so I know most of the season will frustrate me. I'm hoping that avoiding it realtime would help me focus on the parts of the show I've loved, and maybe get some writing mojo back.

That would of course be as of next week. Or the next. *koff* This all sounds exactly like my plans to cut sugar out of my diet. Easier said than done!

Our family movie tonight was Wallace And Gromit And The Were-Rabbit. God, the teeth on those claymation figures scare me. Then HSH and I watched Saving Grace (the Craig Ferguson movie, which is the sole reason I couldn't resist it). Eh.

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