The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Prison Break Season1 Finale

Holy Unresolved Plotlines, Batman!

Wow. Just—wow.

Nick and Westmoreland really are gone (sniff. R.I.P., DB Cooper). Sara and T-Bag might be. And the getaway plane? That one is ABSOLUTELY gone.

Unbelievably, someone DID escape in a horse trailer (there’s a Lincoln/Michael slash piece thelana knows of along these lines over on I barely skimmed it, but the horse trailer part caught my eye).

Veronica developed her second clue of the season. And it panned out for her. :0

Abruzzi was wiley, but T-Bag was wilier up to a point.

And C-Note is an even bigger worrywart than Michael on a bad day. Michael is smoothed-over-cool right now, and C-Note is (just as Clex said) surrounded by big, bad criminals in a situation that’s rapidly falling apart. I actually love that idea, love the notion of how much bluffing C-Note was doing in the pen.

Who killed the Prez? Was it the Veep’s people, or was she an intended target who just got lucky? Damn, though— fortunate turn of events for Patricia Wettig.

Pope... ah, Henry—you definitely know when to pull out the heavy artillery. Your militaristic competence is unlucky for the Escape Gang, but it does you proud.

I also have a certain ridiculous love for crazy Haywire lazing to freedom on that bicycle. It’s so jubilantly nutso.

But in closing… does that mean I should give up on my Sara 5-things fic for philosophy_20? Or just that I should have written it two weeks ago?

Sigh... the only thing we're guaranteed next Season is that the stupid spyDaddy plot will spin forward. For which I think the writers ought to be flogging themselves.
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