The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

More random...

  • At the coffee station: leftover iced sugar cookies, frosting looks like pink Playdoh. "Bubblegum" flavored. Yark.

  • Chuck's hair is too short this season. *sadface*

  • The Death Race event detailed in Outside magazine takes masochism to new competitive levels. Wow.

  • I was thinking of Lorne Green yesterday (don't ask), and the only other Lorne who came to mind then was the demon from Angel. Who was green. Hmmm...

  • Why must salmon go alllll the way upriver to spawn? I'm sure it helps the stronger genes prevail, but dying a couple of miles short of "home" without spawning seems dumb.

  • Comment if you've ever used any of the following in conversation, even facetiously: hochmut, lying liars who lie, Evil League of Evil, or dyslexic Satanist.

  • I finished THREE Last Author Standing stories for this week. Voting is open at all three comms, and your votes are needed: fox_las voting, usanetwork_las voting, and nbc_las voting. Now I can get back to my other ficcing for a few days before the new challenges next Monday.

    I ran across a stuffed Club Penguin creature at a thrift store yesterday, and bought it for Christopher. He still loves cute (and silly) things. He bought Pendolph during after-Christmas clearance, so I was pretty sure he'd get a kick out of the other one, which he named Pentacles. It's completely new. Who would throw away a stuffed penguin in a squid suit? The weirdness alone makes it a keeper! And yes, all the penguins have the same huge nose and happy idiot expression. ;)

    Tags: me, my_kids, random

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