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Birthdays and Halloweenage!

Happy Birthday to wendy (yesterday) and jeyhawk today! Hope you've been spoiled and then some, and if I can pile on with a drabble for you, please let me know!


Happy Halloween, one and all! I'd hoped to get out a Supernatural drabble or ficlet for the occasion, but I've been tied up with writing 3 Last Author Standing stories (one of them twice. Heh.) And the snoozage problem, of course. In November, I'll be doing the wrisomifu challenge for a change, because 10 minutes of solid writing a day is more feasible right now than 100 words. Thanks again *koff* to the snoozage problem.

Last week we watched Everybody's Fine, a De Niro flick that I'd hoped would be dry family comedy and which instead was a drama. *sniffle* Good, but painful. We caught up on The Mentalist (50% Torrent, 50% DVR) and are working through the backlog of Chuck. For last week's Glee , I had to again veto Lauren's watching it with her friends (because I knew this episode was iffy). Funny—the show walked the hypocritical fine line of "Too risque for high school!" while at the same time actually doing much of the musical. But! The only really worrisome part was the "Damn it, Janet!" number, and we can skip that. I didn't care for the opening (usually sung by a man, and here 'blanded down' by some woman—probably Rachel). I didn't like the idea of the Frank N. Furter role being done by a woman either, until Mercedes opened her mouth and started singing and I immediately forgot all my objections. What a voice! Best singer on the show, IMO. Loved the Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf cameos, and I also enjoyed Sue and Will's discussion a lot. Sue actually made her point very well, but to add a shallow note... I like the flavor of the friendship they have going. A little rivalry at times, and some disagreement, but they kind of like each other. Sue feels free to snark with Will instead of just at him, and that's a new thing for her.

Christopher got back from Outdoor School on Friday. He was a little disappointed by this version of things. We thought that was mostly because everything pales in comparison to Yosemite (last year), but it was more that the camp was in an actual residential neighborhood near Santa Cruz, and so there was no hiking and the grounds were very small (and the 'urban' feeling never went away). On the plus side, though, he did zip-lining (a first!), and there was also a night-hike with no flashlights, which he thought was fascinating. A few kids followed him (his two white water bottles were like lanterns), and another girl followed a boy with nearly-white blond hair. ;)

And last night, the family screamed themselves hoarse over the Ducks vs. USC football game. The neighbors probably find us scary by now. :0

Off to help with pumpkin carving, and the final touches on the kids' costumes (Lauren is a blue crayon this year, and Christopher is a pirate. Arrrrrr!)

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