The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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Today's bike ride proves that denial only goes so far. I was certain it would not actually rain, or at worst just sprinkle a little. Hah! And why does this always happen when I'm at least 4 miles from the finish?

This Tuesday, we were still birthdaying past 8:00 and I didn't even check to see whether Glee was on. Was it? Or did it get pre-empted by the baseball playoffs? Similar question for those of you not on the East or West Coast, regarding last night's Fringe. I made sure we watched last week's via Hulu, and was all ready at 9pm only to encounter an endless marathon of 2 1/2 Men. Did Fringe actually air?

Halloween-wise, I've gotten some of the decorations up, but there's a lot left to do. Looks like I lost a string of purple bat lights and one of mini-pumpkins since last year. Argh! That whole "If one dies, the others stay lit" thing is pure bull. I have never yet rescued a dead light strand with changed fuses OR by fixing an individual light. *sad face* I've only had those bats for a year or two...

This weekend, I'll try to catch up with everything that got suspended due to Wincon. But most likely, I'll be running around trying to get Christopher packed for Outdoor School instead. Shouldn't be too bad-- this will be his 4th time. But he's been having trouble with randomly throwing up, to the point where he's already missed 4 days of school (spread out over 3 weeks) and we decided he was going to have to go anyway on days he's thrown up (which we normally would never do). So I hope that either his stomach behaves, or he's able to talk the instructors out of panic if it doesn't. Never thought we'd find ourselves in this boat...

ETA: [profile] eponin10 assures me that I've missed nothing, Glee or Fringe-wise. Yay!

Tags: cycling, me, my_kids

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