The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

As Seen At Wincon...

First, the family part of the birthday celebration was great. HSH got me a Kindle and tickets to an upcoming symphony concert (Impressionist composers FTW!). Christopher is got me a picture mug, to replace the one that broke (it had his baby picture on it). Lauren... wow. She made me a snuggly fleece blanket (the kind where you twist-tie the sides. She picked out the fabric and made the whole thing herself), found a low-fat/low-calorie chocolate chip cookie recipe that was delicious, and wrote me a letter about why she was glad I was her mother. *dies* Then there was low-sugar chocolate-chocolate cake (surprisingly good!), and a lot of phone calls from family.

Today, I asked HSH to either finish the cake off with the kids, or hide it. ;)

Second (and to the point): someone was wearing this Steampunk Lincoln shirt at Wincon (kijikun or aggybird, I think). My god, I want that! And I want it for HSH, who adores Lincoln. And while I was looking around for it on the Interwebs, I stumbled across Steampunking at Tumblr, where the current pictures include a Steampunk Fen of Color and a Steampunk R2D2. *loves*

I now randomly think that The Asylum's version of Sherlock Holmes probably also fits into the Steampunk category...

Tags: fabulous stuff on the internet, me, pimpage, wincon

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