The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Begin the countdown...

First, it's embroiderama's birthday. I've sent the email greetings already, but let's throw out the public post! Looking forward to seeing you (at close to midnight) tomorrow. :D

I'm still pondering my packing for Wincon, because I don't really know what to wear, pantswise. If I'd lost about 4 more pounds I'd know, but sadly I didn't quite get there. And before you ask why I didn't just go out and buy some new pants... that's a gargantuan effort, because pants do not fit me well. I can go through 10 stores and 15 brands and maybe find one pair that doesn't look completely terrible, thanks to the combination of long legs/short waist and waist-to-hip ratio. Thanks, Mom!

I'm also considering whether to renew my extra usericons. Those were a birthday gift last year (Hi, Bea!), so they'll be expiring soon. For my major birthday gift, I'm thinking about the $139 Kindle. But! Those of you with Kindle... have you tried using it to read fanfiction? How did that go? Download the webpages and save them? Convert to .rtf files and download those into Kindle? Or am I dreaming the impossible?

Meanwhile, I'm making myself nuts doing Korn shell programming at work. It's been awhile, and it wasn't fun the first time. :0

So I offer some major cuteness for all of us, to speed the day along. \o/

Tags: me, random
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