The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors


I missed most of Castle last night, because I could not stay awake. Gah! And there were costumes and other cracktastic elements. :(

Obviously, I didn't do any writing last night either, for the same reason. *sigh*

I'm getting excited for Wincon, which will reduce me to scatterbrained goo within the next few days. I have NO idea what to pack right now, so here's hoping the weather is accomodating and predictable. Probably wearing what I wore last year to WinProm, which will require an extra pair of shoes (Boo).

Meanwhile... the housepainters are done! Must Halloween the house before I go. And try not to fixate on how crappy the fence (painted the house's former color of hideous tan) now looks...

Tags: me, tv

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