The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The painters have finally started on our house. The crew pressure-washed on Saturday (kicking off some emergency plant-pruning). Now the contents of the breezeway are squeezed into the garage or sitting in the back yard. Crossing my fingers that we don't get any rain this week. Priming work began today.

Our weather has been bipolar lately. For most of the last 2 weeks, highs surged over 94-102 degrees. Miserable! I mentioned my Friday bike ride being cut short due to bad air (a side-effect of persistent heat here). Sunday was my third consecutive run with walking breaks. Argh. :( Now things have cooled way off, down into the low 70s. Yay! I can live with that. :)

Early Saturday night, we watched Oregon vs. Stanford football. The game was a nailbiter, but the Ducks finally pulled through. Their weak first-half play made Lauren so distraught that she went off to her room and missed a 76-yard touchdown for the Ducks. Awesome second half, with the Ducks holding Stanford scoreless! I would never have thought that ejecting Jeremiah Masoli from the team would turn out to be a good thing for the Ducks (though it was necessary), but their new quarterback is really good and very level-headed. Take a look at Darron James. This handsome young man is only a sophomore, though instead of being drafted early maybe the Ducks should worry that he might simply graduate early. Looks like he's a brainiac too. :0

Searching the web for the Ducks also led me to this webpage of randomness, and really, doesn't the world need more weirdness in it? The fun kind, not the Ted Bundy kind...

I worked on my current usanetwork_las story, but not as much as I'd intended too. I never seem to have the time during the day, and I keep falling asleep in the evenings. Sunday night/Monday morning was epically bad: a long middle-of-the-night power failure depleted the batteries on the burglar alarm, which caused it to beep in distress. HSH woke me up to turn it off, since it wouldn't respond to the alarm code. All of that apparently glitched something, and it armed itself... going off at 5:45am when Christopher opened the door to get the newspaper. The security breached! version is incredibly loud, and probably woke up half the street. Monday morning was draaaaggy, to say the least.

Tonight: Looking foward to taking out Tigger's stitches and removing the Cone of Shame. I've never seen such a depressed cat-- she'll be thrilled!

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