The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Well, here's an icon I don't use very often...

Despite yesterday's meta-missive, I am enjoying Hawaii 5-0 thus far, including last night's episode featuring Baby Sammy. Is it wrong that when he was in peril I thought, "Well, he'll be okay. He's Baby Sammy! He's been through worse..."?

Friday and yesterday's biking confirmed that the two mutant black squirrels I saw last year are still living in their respective trees. Also, remember my mentioning the group of rogue white wedding-release pigeons? They've formed a flock now—there are about 8 of them instead of just the three I used to see. Pigeon Power!

Yesterday I also visited a website that someone (probably astrothsknot) pointed me to ages ago. It's the work of a very snarky Australian man named David Thorne, whose level of misanthropy makes Gregory House look like an amateur. The man has made passive-aggression into an art form. Missing Missy (lost cat posters) was one of the cleanest ones—I sent it to the kids and several of you today! I also recommend Simon's Pie Charts, Party In Apartment 3, and Strata Agreement (aka, "The ducks in the bathroom are not mine").

Three weeks 'til Wincon! Here's hoping we don't get any surprise snow...

Tags: cycling, humor, me, recs, recs-humor, tv

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