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You too much TV...

Tonight I'll try to record $#!+ My Dad Says (or whatever it is) just because I know William Shatner can be damn funny. Also The Mentalist, because I'm more anxious to see the Fringe premiere (they're on at the same time in our area).

This month's Amazon VINEs offerings include a non-fiction book titled, How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming. I'm torn between "Hahahahaha!" and "You know, I'm still kind of peeved about that..."

Our older cat, Tigger, had a cyst removed from her upper back on Tuesday. I thought the vet would make a lengthwise incision with minimal shaving, but instead there's a 2-inch side-to-side cut and a 4"x6" patch of missing hair. Criminy—the thing was only the size of a grape! Maybe they shifted the incision angle so that the opening would cut across the spine rather than running down it (there are a lot of nerve endings along the spine). What's always surprising is the skin color below the fur. Tigger is a brown spotted tabby, and after dear departed Thor (the holstein-colored cat) lost some hair years ago, I was prepared to see pink-and-black skin. But Tigger has random water-stain blotches that don't match her markings, and more pink than I expected. Her striped fur IS actually striped-- the individual hairs have bands of color. But her skin color is more random.

Right now, she looks pretty terrible—like a cartoon cat after being attacked by a runaway electric razor. Or, from a distance, mangy. o_O

And on that topic... ever since we moved to this house 11 years ago, a gray cat has come over to visit our cats. The kids used to raise the biggest fuss about it (at age 2, Christopher also thought the phrase was "strange cat" instead of "stray cat"). I think part of the issue was that this cat dumps its coat in large patches during seasonal changes, instead of slowly shedding. Twice a year, it looks half-diseased.

I also had to explain to the kids that the adult cat equivalent of friendship is "hanging out near each other" instead of playing together. If the cats are within 1-4 feet of a visitor, they like it, and apparently all of our cats have liked this one. It doesn't interact with the humans at our house much, though one time it came running when I whistled and I told it, "I'm sorry. I'm calling for the cats that actually live here." Too bad—it was very eager for something!

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