The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Pinches self to stay awake...

I was up until almost 2am finishing my first entry for usanetwork_las. Ouch. Good prompt, and I knew what I wanted to write a week ago, but between the canon research and the falling asleep night after night, I wound up going down to the wire. Ugh. *SNNOORRRZZZXXxxx* At at least I can finish up some of the other ficlets I owe...

Watched the premiere of Glee last night. Lots of fun parts other than the music, which is getting to be harder and harder to take (God, but I hate pop). Seems as if the first season of the show had the performers singing more naturally, and now it's this overproduced/overmixed sound that saps all of the music out of the music. Double-pop! To understand where I'm coming from, let me say that even as pitch-sensitive as I am, the Ray Charles performance of 'You Don't Know Me Well' (featured in Groundhog Day) is still the most musically-arresting one I've heard. Ultra-perfection is not always the goal with music. Imagine Cat Stevens going on American Idol today, and getting kicked off for having such an out-of-the-mainstream voice. But you'd recognize his voice anywhere, because it's that distinctive. And boy, does it ever work for the kind of music he sang...

We also watched the premiere of Raising Hope, where it turns out that Garret Dillahunt IS playing a normal Dad in a sitcom, just as HSH said (though he initially confused the man with Peter Krause, so you can see why I didn't believe him). I've never seen Dillahunt do comedy before, and I liked him in this. Running Wilde featured some fun references to Arrested Development (as well as Secretly Gay Tobias). But it's entirely possible that Will Arnett's best role was already as the aggressively clueless GOB, and new incarnations of that will not be an improvement. Still deciding.

We've got a bunch of shows DVRd to watch, but tonight will probably be more new stuff and more DVRing. By Sunday, I'll probably have seen everything, but it takes awhile to work through the backlog. Monday night I DVRd three shows that overlapped with the three shows we watched (and I still fell asleep during Castle, so I hope Hulu can help me out). So no, we haven't seen Chuck or Hawaii 5-0 yet. Your flailing just makes me wish we had!

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